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As of Sunday Dec 22nd,2014  the Bhagavans weekly webcast is temporarily stopped. Any further changes to this, I will update it here.

Sri Bhagavan gives  information about how the weekly webcasts work and how to fully participate in order to get the maximum benefit.

The webcast with Sri Bhagavan's darshan lasts for 15 minutes and takes place twice each week on Sat 10pm & Sun 10am Indian Std Time.Webcast link below



"Your role is to feel helpless and my role is to raise your kundalini. Once the kundalini is raised, all things will naturally happen. You have been sufficiently programmed. For example, if you have sufficiently contemplated on the teaching given to you and then feel helpless, then when I raise your kundalini, that teaching will become your realization. If you have not done your homework, you may not get much. The kundalini will still rise, but would not give any great result. That's why we give you one week's time to contemplate on the teachings. You must almost commit it to memory. Then as you feel helpless, the moment you feel helpless I'll be able to raise your kundalini and the teaching will become your insight, your realization." Sri Bhagavan



Thank you Antjeji for all your assistance