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Sacred Chamber Process


Sacred Chamber Facilitator - David Gounder


The Sacred  Amma Bhagavan Supreme light chambers is an amazing phenomenon in the latest outflow of grace from Oneness University/Amma Bhagavan. It is whereby you can experience your personal divine in a more physical and tangible way for the purpose of healing at all levels, awakening, transformation and miracles.

Sacred Chambers comprises of  2 rooms where you connect with your divine directly allowing profound grace to touch your life and to bring about healing and transformation in your life.

Chamber 1 is where you will go through contemplations which I will guide you through

Chamber 2  is where you will be able to interact with your divine in your unique special way like talking, singing, praising, expressing gratitude, asking questions and offering your prayers and requests to your divine. The divine may take you through special healing process at all levels or whatever your personal divine deems appropriate at the time.  This experience is unique and special to everyone.

The Sacred Chamber process is a free process. 

What to bring: Your bottle of water, note pad, pen

(Session monthly on Sundays)

Sundays  11.30 am to approx 2.30 pm

2020 Sessions

March 8

Bookings essential as seats are limited

For bookings and to check availability  please email David Gounder on dgk870@yahoo.com.au

And I will reply and confirm your spot as soon as I can. Experiences of some participants please click link below



Contact me for details, public transport is available