Official Oneness Movement Websites

Oneness University - India

Oneness USA

Oneness Movement Australia

Oneness Movement NZ

Related Websites

Mayas website in Adelaide, Australia 

Dr Robert March website in Adelaide, Australia

Robert also gives oneness blessings in USA, Israel and France.

Website run by Sharina Devi, Beverly Brunelle and Chris Mentzel in Hawaii

 Great Taiwan website (English Language)

Onenessmovement Kerala (English Language)

 New York Shelly Cummins Website

Kiara windrider's website

Shrestha Carol's website( Israel) in Hebrew and english

Arjuna Ardagh's website

Oneness Movement- Sri Raniji's website


David Thatcher (oneness blessing giver)  website

Divine music recorded at the Golden City

(Interesting website run by college students

seeking ultimate truth about life.....)

RonRoth's Website

(Maya's website )

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