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Wealth Process Miracles

Miracles from Wealth process, Fiji

After completing the wealth process and while doing the Sadhana, our sales of produce skyrocketed, we sold most of our stock during that week, best sales ever and orders are pouring in, very amazed and deep gratitude to amma bhagavan and the divine.

S and family

After I get paycheck, I used to waste lot of money before buying unnecessary things, however after doing the wealth process, my thinking or desire changed, I just did not feel like buying unnecessary things, had everything I needed, no need to waste money. Very grateful for this realization and ways to save money, Thanks Amma bhagavan and divine.


After completing the wealth process and also connecting with my antaryamin and praying for payment of funds owing by another client and requesting the divine, that I receive  the money on 23rd Dec, amazingly miracle happened,  the money came on that day, right before xmas. Thanks divine, amma bhagavan, deep gratitude.

David Gounder

We just completed the wealth process and sadhana, We were on the way to drop the trainer to his next program and had to pull up at the service station and amazingly saw a person who I had been chasing for monies owing, parked there, for some timber I sold him. We apparently lost contact for a while. I approached him and he was happy to see me and happy to pay me what he was owing, which was incredible. So we both drove to his house and he paid me, instantly we gave gratitude to amma bhagavan and the divine for this incredible co incidence and wealth miracle, certainly grace works fast. In  deepest gratitude.

Jai n family

I was waiting on funds from my Provident fund to come through and after completing the wealth process, monies were on there way, I am so relieved and grateful, thank you amma bhagavan, divine. Also vision of Lord Vishnu appeared while I was doin the wealth Sadhana, amazing!