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Wealth Process Miracles

Today, I realised a Miracle has automatically happened in my Life in regards to my financial position, since attending and doing the Pooja for the Oneness Wealth Program.


It is NOW, that I am FREE of any Debts for the first time since 2003. Over the last 8 years I have had incurred more expenses in daily living than I had income to match.

Thus I was getting further and further into debt.


Now I am FREE of Debt and NOW Income is higher than expenses.


WOW!!!!!!!!! That is a Miracle, and can only happen by Grace and the Grace of the Divine.

I did the Oneness Wealth Program recently and this is My Resulting Miracle. I am in a state of excitement and in Awe of the Divine Presence in my life.


My most Humble Gratitude, Love and Devotion to My Beloved Mother and Father, My Divine, Sri Amma Bhagavan.


Thank you David