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Sacred Chamber Exp-Page 5

Some of these experiences are edited/summarised while the rest are unedited, all real life excerpts from Sacred chamber process

In Chamber 1, I felt very humbled to be here receiving this gift. I was at the feet of my divine in deep surrender.

My divine took over the process and I felt a lot of release of hurt and pain releasing at this feet. I also had a healing with my father. Chamber 2, paduaks energy very strong ,vibrating all the time, lot of realizations happened about myself which I was able to become aware and accept.

Chamber 3

It was so beautiful, I felt so comfortable and had fantastic chat about my real life issues, It felt authentic down to earth, like I was talking to a therapist. My bond with my divine is growing today and I feel it in his presence much more frequently and easier now, Thank you so much david


1st Chamber

Just before webcast, instructed to ask for karma to be healed in chambers, then my family and relatives came to me one by one those who had passed long list.

2nd Chamber

Lots of vibration shook me around and told me to stand. It felt as if the karma was been released right down the spine and ancestral karma being unplugged. Also I have had back pain for last week and asked for healing, pain gone now

3rd Chamber

Gratitude ,blessings or others and gentle nurturing and loving.


Deepening with my divine its becoming just so beautiful now so much more connection. Healing with my parents and forgiveness healed and gratitude flowed. I felt surrendered totally like a child in my divines lap, sat in deep bliss

I had deep communion with Jesus Christ. I gained clarity on my desires and direction moving forward. Confirmation I will go to India


Chamber 1

Went into deep state, was knocked out  from the strong energies

Chamber 2

Bhagavan lit up around the shoulder area again, chest and lip area

Chamber 3

Asked for divine will, bhagavans will to be done and at the end bhagavan began to speak with me. Bhagavan came out of the Sri Murthis a little and lit up in certain areas. Felt deeply rested and released


In chamber 1 with the help of my divine, I released hurts that were there. I let him work it all out what needed to be cleansed from my being.

In chamber 2 I was in deep gratitude I could not speak any words , no words would come. Just gratitude and surrender. Lots of grace and help flowed. Strong energies flowed through the padukas, I grateful for whatever I received.

In Chamber 3, I had a really good chat and prayer for others, I felt heard and confirmed. I felt different as though I have gone another step deeper with my divine, softeness and love. Thank   you David, God Bless


Thank you Sri Paramatma Bhagavati Bhagavan for answering my prayers and fulfilling my desires, thank you for all the miracles and the breakthrough for me and my family. Thank you for the opportunity to always attend the Sacred chambers and the opportunity for complete healing. I love you and I am grateful for all that you bless me with. Jai Bolo, deepest gratitude and love