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In chamber 2,3 experienced lot of release and close to the divine. I saw Jesus,Mary and holy spirits in the face of kalki. Kalki opened and closed his eyes.  Also felt surrounded by holy spirits. Loved being in the chambers, I  could have just sat there for hours, it was so nurturing and beautiful.


Chamber 1, deep, peaceful state

Chamber 2-Blessings. I spent the entire time on my knees. Looking into the eyes of Kalki, seeing my reflection in the picture.

Chamber 3-Stillness , no thoughts, nothingless. From there gratitude for what I desire came up. Then deep, deep gratitude for what is already in my life. Long string of things, people, experiences. Feeling fulfilled right now. Thank you David, God bless


Deep profound stillness and potently loud silence in all chambers and in my whole being. The mind was shut off and peace and silence embraced and flowed through all cells of the body. Much stronger presence, grace, stillness and silence was in both chambers two and three. In Chamber three I was experiencing more lightness, joy and inner calm and happiness. Laying down in first chamber, my whole body was tingling especially out of soles of feet, and I felt divine energies flowing into and fulfilling my heart. It was a loving presence fulfilling me. Mind is much quieter them before chamber process and a deeper calm. The divine worked timelessly on me the whole time. Thank you.


I had a wonderful experience overall. After chamber 1 contemplations I was feeling relaxed and light. In Chamber 2 I felt someone was listening to what I was saying my body moved without thought and the spirit comforting me. In Chamber 3 I felt peaceful and was able to talk about it all I had in my heart. It was a very enlightening experience. I felt as if I was alone with my divine who was paitently listening to all that I was listening. It is an experience I would love to repeat.


Chamber one-I had healing –release of pain. Chamber 2, change in vibration and I saw many faces in the face of Kalki. Kalki was physical, moving, waving, winking , opening and closing eyes, his mouth was moving and he was speaking. Chamber three- I experienced peacefulness


I felt very powerful surge as I entered into the chamber two, the energy consumed me fully. I fell to the ground in gratitude as I  prostrated, the energy moved throughout my entire body.  The powerful deekshas from the padukas saturated my entire body. There was a very big release and healing at all levels.

Chamber 1

I experienced the divine very powerfully next to me. My mind was completely  quiet, no thoughts at all, I was in full presence and in a moment and in full awareness and clarity.

Chamber 3

It was very quiet and peaceful for me and divine mother and all light beings and all divine natured me. I felt like I am home, full and complete and blessed and very grateful. Thank You