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Some of these experiences are edited/summarised while the rest are unedited all real life excerpts from Sacred Chamber process

Deep stillness, silence and showering of grace especially strong in Chambers 1 and 2 and a softer deep loving presence and grace in Chamber 3 and Amma Bhagavan’s presence so alive and quite physical looking in both Chambers.  I experienced a deep softening, calmness, peace and deep love inside. Feeling loved, blessed and much gratitude …Thank You

Chamber 1-Deep relaxation

Chamber 2-Blessings and peace

Chamber 3-Lots of body movements,energy

Shavaasan-  releases, body realignment, work done on my legs.

Thank you David


In Chambers, I experienced waves of divine energy, it took me in deeper relaxation, peace and connection to the divine within. I experienced burst of causeless joy as well and my mind was very quiet. There was no chatter in my head at all. In stillness I fully experienced the divine. Afterwards I am feeling very positive, peaceful, grateful and blessed with completely quiet mind.


I experienced lot of grace in Chamber 1, stillness and also releases. Chamber 2 was very intense with powerful vibrations and energy flooding to every part of my body and shaking me and releasing the charges and body aches and pains. Powerful energy poured through the padukas and Kalki and all divine. Body felt warm as energy travelled to every part of my being

I clearly felt and experienced  instant clearing of energy blocks within me and my physical body.

The health problem I had was cleared then and there with divine grace.

Chamber 3 was strong as well but more subtle and experienced more grace and healing throughout my body, Energy was abundant.  Felt blessed, peace, much loved and tremendous gratitude.  I was very grateful that my prayers were answered.

Deepest gratitude to Amma Bhagavan and divine collective.