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Sacred Chamber Exp-Page 9

Some of these experiences are edited/summarised while the rest are unedited all real life excerpts from Sacred Chamber process

Lots of subtle, though deep showering grace in chamber one and I felt being processed and worked on inside  on many layers. Deep silence in Chamber two as Kalki worked intensely on every aspect of my being on so many levels and requests for healing and removing obstacles in this life. Chamber 3 had a most profound softness, stillness and nurturing motherly grace, it brought me to tears immediately. Appearance of Sri Amma Bhagavan so humanlike and physical to communicate with. I was listened to and felt heard as if all my prayers were being answered as I was showered in grace. Thank You. Also lots of tingling through my body, after chambers two and three especially coming out sides of my feet as divine energies worked throughout my body. Very powerful.


Thank you dear Sri Amma Bhagavan for giving me opportunities to do Seva, to help my friends, my family and community to grow and flourish. I am so grateful for this opportunity  to be here every single time and to get complete healing and freedom from Karma. I can feel the growth, the shift, the increase in awareness and happiness. I am so grateful that you answer and fulfill all my prayer requests. Thank you for my fathers liberation. Without you it could not have happened. I surrender unto you incomplete gratitude and reverence. Thank you for being my best friends. Love you, dearest Amma Bhagavan



Chamber 1-Lots of blessings, strong clarity on a issue

Chamber 2-Blessings, peace, clearing from solar plexus area

Chamber 3-Peace, kundalini energy moving a lot and clearing

Thank you David , God bless


In Chamber 1, I felt deep calmness, waves of energy passed onto me, contemplations were deep and had a good release as i participated fully in them.

My mind became very quiet, felt strong presance of the divine within and around me, burst of joy within me, Chamber 2 was intense, instant burst of energy and shifts, my body became lighter, my body aches ceased, felt strong energies from the padukas which filled my body. Came out feeling really lively and happy. As i lay down in Chamber 1, divine energy rushed in my body everywhere i was processing deeply. Mind was in the present moment. Chamber 3 was very warm and loving to start with and then i had further release of emotions/charges through body movements which were automatic and then further peace came in me and deep sense of connection within to amma bhagavan and all divine. Heart was filled with gratitude for the grace i experienced today and blessings i received , deepest gratitude