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Sacred Chamber Exp-Page 7

Some of these experiences are edited/summarised while the rest are unedited all real life excerpts from Sacred Chamber process

Profound experience, energy was palpable, the energy was so strong especially in Chamber 1 today for me, I got knocked out, totally blown away and immersed in the energy. Shift in mind happened where there was complete silence, no thoughts at all, head felt like it was vibrating with strong energy,  Chamber 2 was great, lots of body  movements, kundalini action

Energy rushing to each part of the body, hands moved to different parts to the body, clearing the area and deep releases happened. Changes in Kalkis picture into various forms, vanishing and reappearing.  Back in chamber 1, lots of kundalini movements and deep profound brain shifts seem to have happened, I am in present moment currently, then I moved into Chamber 3, energy was very strong this time, lots of grace and love poured from the Sri Murthi, deep sensations in my body including the heart, felt opening of it and awareness heightened . Really feel totally awesome right now, thank you.


Chamber 1-I was very aware but out at the same time in a very deep state.

Chamber 2-Not sure what was happening. I received a blessing, the body was taken into many different positions. The picture of Kalki filled with light, there was no one there.

Chamber 3-I just got there and spoke the light language all the time. Deep Peace

Thank you david


Deep profound experience for me, I was knocked out in chamber 1, after attending chambers 2 and 3, back in chamber 1, energy flowed inside out of me even through my feet, deep peace and silence,

Head was vibrating from energy as well.


Thank you my dear father divine and mother divine for this opportunity to get healing at all levels. Thank you also for answering all my prayers especially in the last few months. Thank you for strengthening my bond with you and increasing my self awareness every single day. Thank you for all the gifts of life you have bestowed upon me. I love you am deeply grateful for all that you have given me, Thank my lord.