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Sacred Chamber Exp-Page 6

Some of these experiences are edited/summarised while the rest are unedited, all real life excerpts from Sacred chamber process

Chamber 1-peaceful, deep

Chamber 2-Clearing speaking the light language, body movements

Chamber 3-totally empty mind, no thoughts, seeing different faces in the picture of Jesus. Thank you David


Deep contemplations in Chamber 1 of my inner, Chamber two very strong, subtle grace and energy. Silencing the mind and body to stillness while the divine worked on me. I spoke clearly and was clearly listened to. Chamber 3 very deep strong feminine and nurturing energies. Felt heart opening and whole being showered in grace and love, Lots of tingling sensations flowing through whole body, while laying down. Amma bhagavan fully alive in both chambers , Thank you.


Sometimes merging with the divine there are no words, just the peaceful beautiful feeling of oneness. A knowing that all is well prayers love and gratitude have  been answered. Peace be to God and all of us who have his blessings.


Chamber 1

Intense energy, mind completely silenced, experienced flower falling at my feet. Divine presence very strong

Chamber 2

Really powerful energy as I lay to prostrate, my body was lifted and shook to release tensions and charges, then I took deeksha from padukas which were vibrating and moving all over the place. I looked up so Kalkis face change to Christ and other divine forms, disappear and reappear, deep release happened from my inner being as  he appeared and vanished and reappeared, he was looking right at me, through me, very intense release process, I experienced transformation was  happening.

Chamber 3

Very powerful again, bhagavan moved and my body had different movements to clear different areas in the being

Felt clear, big release and heart opening and very quiet mind, no thoughts at all



Very powerful energies in Chamber 1 for me today, I was totally consumed by the divine energy. In Chamber 2   I experienced Bhagavan talking  audibly and loudly and also experienced  ocean and sound of ocean and waves coming over me.

Amma was writing on the sari, in answer to my prayers, the picture lit up in various parts, lots of movements in Sri Murthi, got guidance from the divine regarding healing.


The contemplations were very powerful and really struck a cord. I was able to experience the teachings as i went deep into it. I experienced the divine glowing in the chambers and different colours on the Sri Murthi. Blue light , Krishna consiousness energy filled my palms as i put it on my face and experienced healing. Thank You.


I was going through some major life struggles and issues, i came to the chambers suffering within, i went through the contemplations, David gave us some extra time to release, i was able to release some of those painful emotions as i experienced it fully there as grace was abundant, it just happened effortlessly, i felt better, then i went into the chamber, Kalki put me through a big process, lots of movements and big release happened there again, Chamber three amma bhagavan showered their love and faciliated further healing, i feel completely different now, deep silence, peace and no problems seem to bother me currently, mind is very silent and i had a look at myself after the chambers in the mirror my face had changed, i mean i looked very calm, content and peaceful. Thank you, these few hours in the chambers process had a profound effect on me, i am glad i came.