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Sacred Chamber Exp P-17

Excerpts of real life experiences written/reported by some participants

I had a amazing experience, as i walked in chamber two and three i felt very strong energy, lot of sensations in my body and beautiful connections with my personal divine, body aches relieved, mind became calm, thoughts ceased. The golden ball was expanding and contracting and appeared in 3d. My prayers were heard.
Thank you


I experienced bhagavan coming out of the Sri Murthi in Chamber 2 as a holygram and Jesus coming out in a different way in Chamber 3. Felt a divine touch in Chamber 1.

Many sacred blessings


Chamber 1

Very deep stillness and calmness

Understanding of the issues affecting my life, deep awareness of the key issues that need to be addressed

Profound connection to everyone in the chamber

A sense of connection to the higher self

An experience of profound love

Chamber 2

Deep, deep peace

A sense of being supported and feeling very secure

The message was not to worry but to allow

A clarity of dynamics and the roles that people have played in my relationships

An understanding of the roles that I have played

A connection to something very powerful - divine intelligenc

Chamber 3

A need to bow in reverence

A deep sense of gratitude for everything - all my experiences in life

A peacefullness, calmness

A deep connection to Jesus

The fear of moving forward has gone

I now feel that I can do the work that I have come here to do

A sense that past lives issues have been dissolved.

Thank you love, life and blessings --in gratitude