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Sacred Chamber Exp P-16

Some of these experiences are edited/summarised while the rest are unedited all real life excerpts from Sacred Chamber process

It was truly an amazing experience ,  I experienced a energy blast all over and then it was focused on areas of my body where I needed attention and healing. Energy was very strong on those areas. I experienced healing in those areas. Pictures were lit up.

The Golden ball in the third chamber was in 3D and moving and shining .

Very blessed to have this experience…Sri Amma Bhagavan, big gratitude.



Thank you for the chamber experience. I experienced a big shift, released a lot of blocks, my thoughts ceased, mind is completely silent. I am in heightened awareness being in the present moment. I have a feeling of wellness and positivity. I also had a big healing and miracle. An area  of my body was constantly aching every day for the last several months, I took many tablets to manage the pain incurring so much expense. Today in the chamber process  Kalki, all divine bestowed full grace on me, my pain has completely disappeared, gone.   Thank you lord for giving me patience, and resilience, persistence to be part of the chamber process as much as I can , I am truly humbled and very grateful and overjoyed for these experiences and healing.

My faith, love, trust for the divine has increased  a lot. I cant express enough gratitude, Jai Bolo


Today I experienced deep, deep peace, release of some grief. I also experienced a resistance to sharing with my divine so I just sat in silence. I felt deep connection as well.

Thank you David, God bless


Strong reconnection to Lord Jesus and Mother Mary. Feeling so much devotion and humility and gratitude. Chamber 1

Chamber 2- I felt like a child at the feet of God relaxation, no thoughts ,waves of peace moving through me.

Chamber 3-Strong connection to Lord Jesus with total trust in his loving guidance and help to heal my body.


Thank you dear Amma Bhagavan for once again giving me this opportunity to get healed in the Sacred Chamber. I know you are constantly guiding me helping me and answering my prayers. Thank you for being my best friend. Thank you for flowering our hearts and bringing us siblings together. That is the biggest miracle lord. Thank you lord for answering every single prayers, Jai Bolo