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Sacred Chamber Exp P-14


Some of these experiences are edited/summarised while the rest are unedited all real life excerpts from Sacred Chamber process

Chamber 1-Very Deep meditation

Chamber 2-Lots of blessings. I sat there speaking the light language

Chamber 3-I spoke the light language then received very powerful surge of energy . The whole body felt lighter and grounded. Thank you David


I felt a call to come to the chambers. I have experience a lot of peace and connection to my divine. I feel everything is going to be taken care of.  I am grateful to David and the divine for inviting me to be in this sacred space. In the first chamber I felt that bhagavan was very young and then very old, it was beautiful. In the second chamber I felt like dancing and telling Bhagavan for all I have receive in my life. I feel energize and happy to have been here. Thanks again


Deep profound silence in all chambers, the grace, energies and deepening of silence seems to be more powerful each time and increasing. Felt the grace flowing through all cells of my body, working on me and healing. All Chambers, lots of grace showering me and working deeply within.  Thank you


Thank you dearest Sri Kalki for the gift of growth on the last day of Varadeeksha mala. Thank you for the insights of the experiences that are clearly for my growth. Thank you for answering my prayers every single instance and being there for me every single moment, guiding me, protecting me, healing me.  Love you, Thank you


-A great feeling of sacredness

-I felt a lot of energy surge through me, particulary in the last chamber

-I felt very blessed and grateful