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Sacred Chamber Exp-P-12

Some of these experiences are edited/summarised while the rest are unedited all real life excerpts from Sacred Chamber process

Chamber 1-Lovely, deep and peaceful

Chamber 2-Release of emotions and blessings

Chamber 3-Spoke light language and received understanding of what I was saying

Shavasaan-Deep peace, energy rushing throughout my body, deep relaxation.

Thank you David, God bless


Throughout all chambers I felt a lot of gradually increasing from Chamber 1 to Chamber 3. I also experienced a lot of negativity which I have inside decreasing and also feeling light hearted. I also feel a sense of calm and peace inside…


Thank you David, the chambers were beautiful, felt divine grace. Sri Murthi lit up and around Shoulders of Sri Bhagavan and throat area and around Sri Murthi. All is well, Thanks


Very potent subtle energies of grace in all the chambers. I felt deep peace/calm throughout my body and head. Softening and opening of the heart centre and much lighter in the whole body. Mind more quiet and also a deeper knowing/feeling that all my prayers being answered and all is well in my world. All will be taken care of, by divine grace.

More charges and resistance is falling away and a softening  taken over in me on all levels. Also deeper connection and bond with the divine…..Thank You


My dearest best friend Sri Amma Bhagavan. Thank you for being such a important part of my life. Thank you for constantly guiding me and directing me and even doing my work for me. You make my life so comfortable and easy and beautiful always. Thank you for answering my prayers and fulfilling my desires primarily  the permanent job. I am so happy with my job. Thank you for your constant presence, protection and guidance. Thank you for healing all my relationships, the flowering of my heart, the resolution of all my problems and above all the flowering of my heart. Thank You


I felt very peaceful, calm in Chamber one, powerful grace in all chambers. Chamber two Kalki shook and vibrated my body for the full time in there and grace flowed freely as I spoke my desires to Kalki. Deep stillness and calm in Chamber three, as I spoke to Amma Bhagavan. Also felt my heart and brain being worked in all the Chambers. Thank You.