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Sacred Chamber Exp-P-11

Some of these experiences are edited/summarised while the rest are unedited all real life excerpts from Sacred Chamber process

Thank you my deepest gratitude to my beloved Sri Amma Bhagavan once again for answering my prayers and fulfilling my sankalpas. Thank you for your constant guidance, presence and protection of me and my family.

Thank you  for every single time of receiving healing and grace in the Sacred Chambers. I leave all my doubts, fears, perceived and self created problems at your divine lotus feet. Whatever experience you give, help me to accept without any resistance. Thank you for every single moment and awareness every single moment.

Love you Sri Amma Bhagavan


Deep silence, process in Chamber one, body and mind went deeply internal, I breathed and focused energies on my lower back pain. Quiet stillness and powerful grace in Chambers two and three. Lots of pins and needles sensations and strong energy flowing down in my legs and out the soles of my feet after Chamber two. Whilst lying down the body felt lighter and grace was healing my body and its aches and pains. My lower  back pain has reduced significantly after the Chamber process. Felt fully heard and listened too in both Chambers and a trust and faith and assurance that prayers will be answered.


Chambers two and three felt a huge softening and an expansion and lightening of my whole body and being. Was saturated by the softness and very potent energies of the divine taking care of all my needs and prayers. Felt lots of healing on the physical body which has been in lots of pain before. Same to similar potent graceful energy whilst in Chamber one also. Beautiful Chamber process, Thank You.


Very deep, profound silence and deep peace, calm in all chambers. The body and mind felt much lighter and softer. Chamber two with Kalki energy and grace was throwing and bouncing my body, shaking it, hands, vibrating near my head and torso getting thrown around about. Felt charges, karmas and all that is not me, being healed, charged or dissolved and fully heard by the divine presence. So was very powerful and lots of gratitude was experienced and expressed in both chambers. Chamber three lots of humility, humbleness and forgiveness was happening, also lots of inner joy, peace and rejoicing, praise of Sri Amma bhagavan. Beautiful experience on all levels. Thank You.