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Sacred Chamber Exp-P-10

Some of these experiences are edited/summarised while the rest are unedited all real life excerpts from Sacred Chamber process

Chamber 1-Very deep peace and connection

Chamber 2- Strong Blessings, Lots of energetic Shifts

Chamber 3-Light Language blessings

Shavasaan –Very deep

Thank you David, God bless



Lots of grace and deep silence working intensely on my entire being in Chamber One. Kalki worked powerfully and deeply on me in Chamber two, shaking my body to and fro and then a profound stillness and healing grace felt through all the cells of my body. I just knew and could feel the grace melting away what needed to be. The grace and energies in Chamber 3 were so powerfully softening and deep nurturing of the divine mother. Amma Bhagavan were physical for me. I felt a deep humbling and softening grace flowing through me.


Enjoyed my chamber experience, very peaceful in Chamber 1, Chamber 2, was very intense for me, the lord was very real and physical to me and experience was very powerful, Padukas energy very intense. Chamber 3, comforting and felt all my prayers were heard. Thank You


In Chamber 1 I felt deep stillness, my mind was calmed, thoughts ceased total stillness. Chamber 2 was amazing, divine took my body in different movements , lots of intense release happened of pain and charges

Padukas energy was very strong, energy from it enveloped my body, very strong sensations, body felt clearer, lighter and mind in complete stillness. Chamber 3 was strong as well this time for me, again several body movements and release of charges, body moved into lighter energy  and deep clarity, peace emerged.

It was great, remarkable chamber process for me, such grace from dear amma bhagavan and all divine, I immensely grateful. So many shifts I had today. Thank you so much.