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Sacred Chamber Exp -Page 3

Some of these experiences are edited/summarised while the rest are unedited, all real life excerpts from Sacred chamber process

Chamber 1, contemplations was felt working at deep level. I surrendered all my hurts and other emotions. I felt release happened. In Chamber 1 I saw Jesus, my divine whilst waiting to go into the second chamber,who gave me healing, putting his hands over my crown chakra. In 2 Chamber I asked for many things, When I had my hands on wooden padukas, looking into Kalki’s eyes they were looking in and through me looking deeply into me. I saw golden light all around his throat, then I heard him say lay down, so I did and I felt I was been given a healing. In Shavasana I saw gold light coming out of my palms of both hands, I feel like I have been emptied and I feel lighter in and much happier and I also I feel I am prepared for something.

3rd Chamber

I went into Chamber 3 I forgot to ask as its already manifested, then I heard  in there, Ask as if you already have it, my whole energy changed, so positive, Sri Bhagavan looking deeply into my eyes, deeksha was given with each page of my prayer book. Thank you David for you have a dedication to the divine and God source energy, much appreciated.


Chamber 1, very powerful, including the webcast, after it I was unable to move, which was great.

Chamber 2

Lots of joy as the padukas were going crazy under my hands. Blessings and some kind of initiation as I spoke the Soul language which was for the first time.

Chamber 3

Bhagavan became illuminated and almost 3D like in the temple. In Shavasaan deeper then ever before lots of clearing and blessings especially after Chamber 2. The divine lives here David and we come as guests, thank you for being an instrument for the divine. God bless


Chamber 1

OMG, very powerful in Chamber 1, surrendered and released a lot of high charge emotions and situation that had a profound impact on me and I have really struggled with it as it impacted my family as well.

Chamber 2

I prayed further re my wishes, as I was praying I heard a big crack and it felt like the heat had been turned up. Saw gold light around Kalkis head and shoulders, received deeksha from silver padukas and saw and felt something being lifted from me.  In Shavasaan after Chamber 2, I saw a Roman Court I don’t know what you call it, it was made out of light, two light beings on either side, part of me got in. We took off to a brighter white light then I heard that’s as far as we can go then I got on rose quartz crystal bed, Arc Angel Gabriel who was on the right side of me spoke to me, another light being handed Gabriel a scroll from the Akashic records cant remember exactly what Archangel Gabriel said to me, I feel I am being prepared for something, then that part of me restored inside of me, I feel light . The other Archangel on my left was Arc Angel Gacliel, Gabriel on the right, Gacliel on the left. When we got to the beaming light we saw Sri Bhagavan there as well.

Chamber 3

Gave thanks for all my prayers been answered, like they had already happened. Deekha was given to every part of my prayer book, prayed for my daughter saw  a gold star go above crown chakra of my daughter and prayed for friends then I stood up and was singing internally “ Celebrate good time come on” over and over again, held my prayer book that was shaking like when deekha is given, I was dancing in joy and love of my heavenly father and mother, God making all my prayers come true. I just wanted to sing out loud, Celebrate Good times come on, but I did not out of respect for my brothers and sisters in the chambers. When I went into relaxation I heard next time sing it out loud, I dare you. I feel soo light and very different on every level. Thanks