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Sacred Chamber Exp P - 18
Excerpts of real life experiences written/reported by some participants 

Chamber 1

Bhagavan has taken me into the experience of hurt with my relationships. I was actually experiencing the suffering. After the experience I felt joy immensely and felt so calm.

Chamber 2

After looking at Sapitha Vasthra Bhagavan I started laughing like a kid continuously for couple of minutes. It was really wonderful.

Chamber 3

I could see Bhagavans’s ,Saibaba’s, Jesus, Guru Nanak’s image in the golden orb which was really wonderful experience. Thank you so much Bhagavan for giving me everything in my life



It was very amazing for again today, I released a lot again, like onion peeling. Very grateful Feel calmer and more clearer and had a shift in perception. Beautiful clearing and relaxing experience in Chamber 2 and in Chamber 3 experience with Golden orb was very intense, it nearly pulled me inside in it,  feeling my being, was warm and lovely and before that it shook the emotions that no longer serve me out, it was like being on Octopus/roller coaster ride at the fair, it shook the crap out of me. Many thanks for the opportunity more and more charges are being released from many lifetimes. 


Thank you for the tremendous experience today, I had a huge clearing from a deep childhood trauma and experienced the golden orb communicating with me, expanding and embracing me. 

Many Thanks