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Removal of Obstacles & Flowering of Intelligence


Flowering of Intelligence and removal of Obstacles workshop

The Yantra, Dhyana yoga was very special. At some point I saw Lord Buddha seating in the triangle. I also experienced golden beings around me every time I closed my eyes. The blessings once again were very powerful, it took me deep within myself, deeper with my divine.

Thank you David for sharing this process with us.

Much Love


Dhyana Yoga Yantra meditation removed all my obstacles, I feel very grateful with the divine in special with Sri Ganesh this meditation so powerful which put me in connection with God. My process to clean my mind to be more intelligent and to have wisdom. It was amazing.

All time today I feel blessed, thank you David, You are a great trainer.

With Gratitude and Love


The Yantra process was profound. I had the experience of the yantra being lit from behind with green, golden light. Then experienced huge waves of energy through the chakras up and down my body.

The deekshas were very strong.  Setting intents etc was also very meaningful and clarifying. I am excited to see how the benefits of theses processes unfold.


Thank you David for such a powerful process. The energy is in the room was amazing. The Yantra (Ganesh) meditation was very special. ….the colours changed and triangles came out of the screen.

I especially liked the Puja and then your deekshas which facilitated my interaction greatly with my divine. Thank you for teachings on eliminating barriers that are preventing my success, wealth, wisdom and concentration. Amazing experience. All the best.

God bless


Very powerful divine and extraordinary Oneness Program process. I felt obstacles/blocks withering away from deep within me. Felt a shift during the chanting of Yantra. Deep, silence filling my heart and also I felt that the divine has answered my prayers, that will manifest externally. Internally they are answered in my heart. Very powerful ritual @connection to my divine. My whole being and body was in silent joy/bliss @deep peace. The energy @grace of the divine was very deep @profound. Throughout @energy in the room very strong divine presence. Beautiful teachings @process and I received lots of grace@shifts from obstacles/blocks from deep within. I felt lighter @ a shift in my state of being.


I am so very grateful to David @ all the guests and my beloved Lord for blessing me with a very beautiful process@miracles from within. I feel a different person within now. Thank you.

Love. Blessings, Gratitude

Thank you David


I like the “native Hindu” insights into the Gods and Goddess.  Ganesha threw my arms, legs, heads, torso all over theplace during the Yantra. Has not happened much before. Really good fun. And a strong sense of him. My sense of Saraswati less strong tho feel much clearer headed at the end of the day. Overall the program was dynamite!!!

Thank you so much


This course was guided by the divine. The divine helped me realise how I was carrying a hurt in my subconscious for my mother in relation to a career opportunity, my first ever job. I was under a impression my relationship with my mother was good so the first part of the course clearly helped me to realise the relationship required healing. Thank you Amma Bhagavan for permanently healing my relationship with my mother and removes all obstacles in my life and work.

The Ganesh Yantra Dyana Yoga was also something that was new and helped me realise how I cannot concentrate without divine help. Thank you dear David and Sri Amma Bhagavan for all the divine deekshas of grace in my life.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.


Hello David

Thank you for this deep process for me. When we did the prolonged meditation,and then lying down I felt myself going deep in my unconscious. I could have fallen asleep for ages, a deep processing  happened.

The Yantra meditation was strong it showed me the depth the divine can go to remove obstacles and that there is still releasing.

As always I enjoy the spontaneous laughter that occurs. ..




I really enjoyed the workshop feeling calm and relax and positive, felt like all obstacles removed, my intelligence flowering within.

Thanks David


Enjoyed the process thank you David, enjoyed the yantra meditations, your blessings were wonderful, I loved it all, Thank you, thank you.