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Omoneness Testimonials .......


 I love deeksha. Reconnects me with the divine and realign myself with soul purpose. I will one day become a blessing giver as i believe this gift is ...beyond words and needs to be shared with the world. Namaste


Feel like a child (free) very special. May God bless you.


I feel pleasure, joy, love, courage, peace, harmony and warm light. Thanking the divine, was very pure, gave me peace. The meditation felt very strong at the beginning - almost overwhelming in a beautiful way. A beautiful class, very relaxing too.


A wonderful, calming and enlightening experience. A lovely healing process.


Calm and relaxing

Lots of energy

Purple and green light allover


Feeling of peace!

When hands placed on head beautiful royal blue vision came. Meditation emerald green.


It was a very relaxing experience


After the meditation i felt a sense of peace. I was feeling a little light headed but in all, felt totally relaxed and refreshed. When receiving the blessing, there was a real sense of warmth that filtered througout my body.


White light entering right brain during deeksha. Sense of fullness, warmth and energy at end of program.


Lying on the floor after deeksha I experienced a big flash of white light in front of my eyes. and then thoughts would come and just pass by.