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Samaskarshuddi Workshops



Below are some testimonials from special Samaskarshuddi workshops conducted by David Gounder

I had a wonderful day, the deekshas created much light in my chakras and body. Very insightful and my clarity was increased. I enjoyed the processes and did get in touch with some painful childhood feelings that I was able to release.


In the morning, the experience of feeling the pain of my parents during the time I have hurt them many years ago, I found worthwhile and enlightening. I think there was some release of guilt associated with this. The deekshas for the whole day were deep and peaceful. Thanks David.


I experienced a lot of healings, a lot of emotional release, pain, hurt, betrayal, and also the energy of the divine in my head tingling and moving around. Also felt hands on my body where I needed, healing hands working round in circles, healing the troubled area. I am so impressed by the experience.


I had a great relaxing day. It was a very peaceful and time that I needed to spend with me today. I had insights during the walking experiences, time to look and reflect. 


First and foremost would be the removal of hurt that i have given to others being removed. Samaskarshuddi was really nice. The shift from one process to other was really good, did not feel like a long day. During the samakarshuddi process my mind was showing many pictures. Deeksha and the times after i received has been awesome making me feel better. Thank you very much. Wishing you the best. 


I participated in Samaskarshuddi process and released hurts, guilt and negative feelings in me. At the end of it I was in absolute joy and started laughing wholeheartedly. During the blessing session I had a wonderful experience of golden light flowing through me. Wonderful vibration. Altogether the day was spent in very constructive way and i was elevated from my present condition. Thank you Davidji



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