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DAVID'S 21 DAY PROCESS (March 2005)

As soon as I saw the picture of  Sri Amma Bhagavan in the paper back in late 2004 and booked my first workshop my experience's started. It was approximately two weeks prior to the workshop. I had extraordinary experiences. I really did not know what was going on, but throughly enjoyed it.

My reward centre in the brain had opened up instantly giving me the opportunity to get constantly high including peace and divine love at request. It was truly amazing and fulfilling ride. Also strangely I seemed to be able to merge into things such as structures and walk through things, in other words I had witnessing experiences of my spiritual body flowing through things.  I acutally thought I was in heaven during those two weeks, it was an unexpected, awesome gift from Amma Bhagavan, divine collective and I am truly in gratitude for that. In retrospect I realize now in peak oneness states with grace as kundalini rises, we have extraordinary experiences.

Prior to going to India to do the 21 day process I attended two workshops here with Sandra and Daniel which gave me life changing, blissful and divine experiences. The Divine guided me to make a decision to go to India and helped me to put my plans in action.

I had a smooth trip to India and got off at Chennai Airport. As I was traveling to the hotel in the cab, I could feel this powerful divine (shakti) swirling around me. I was delighted and knew I was in the right place.

I had the best time of my life at the Golden city. People were so kind and supportive there. With regard to the participants I felt instant connection to all of them and felt very comfortable being around everyone. It felt like we all have known each other for years.

I made a lot of friends there and basically had a fantastic time.

Our group meeting with Bhagavan was insightful and beautiful beyond description. Bhagavan has got the most compassionate eyes I have ever seen and such a loving nature. Our first meeting was on his birthday. As he came and sat on the chair before us I saw a vision of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Laxmi behind him. His physical presence had a profound effect on me. He is totally adorable.

Our visit to Amma’s ashram was equally glorious and blissful. As Amma came and sat on the chair. I felt a surge of divine motherly love hit me. It was warm, cozy and just wonderful feeling. Amma was beaming and showering us with love and light as well. Amma’s presence and compassionate and divine nature also had an equally profound effect on me.

One of the best days for me at the ashram was during the God Realization Phase. Actually my descents occurred a day before and I was totally blissed out. The descents continued on the actual day of the process as well. It was awesome, most beautiful experience of my life. I also managed to get a confirmation of the presence of some divine beings in me. After the deeksha initiation we enjoyed giving and sharing deekshas with other participants from various countries.

We had so much fun there, danced, hugged and laughed so much in the divine presence. Our trip back to Chennai was great, did a lot of shopping, hanging out with the group and visiting places. I thank God, Bhagavan and Amma and all the divine beings for the awesome time I had there from the bottom of my heart and soul.



Prior to going to India for this process. I went through many wonderful divine experiences, states and also challenges. Just six months prior to this trip, I went through my major dark night challenging phase and moreless came out of it just in time for the trip to India. After that challenging period I felt the switch had been turned on, It literally felt like there was a light bulb on top of my head which was shining brightly, taking me to a new level of vibration. With grace, everything shifted in one weeks time, making the impossible possible, allowing me to take this trip.

This trip a gift from the divine took me to a whole new level of experience. Like last time I had a great time there, it was nice to see some of my friends back who did the last program with me and make new ones.

As I was very sensitive to the divine energy I was going in various states throughout my 10 days at the Golden City, receiving continous deekshas from the divine energy around. We were privileged to have our deepening program in the Shakti Sthal Oneness temple complex. The energy was very strong there.

 An amazing thing was that from day two onwards during my process I saw dear bhagavan's image in my heart centre, clearly with this eyes closed. It was really beautiful, connective divine experience.

 Also it was quite amazing prior to the program for the deepening of the divine states, on this particular day I kept on seeing Lord Krishna beside me from 6.50 am, he stayed with me for a while until 11 am and then Christ came along and took over, it was profoundly divine experience for me.

I then went into the cosmic being states after the deekshas from cosmic beings at the Golden City. Its bit difficult to fully describe this state however I can state that I felt total silence within me. There was nothing but silence. I was nothing, I was silence. It was a remarkable experience and an absolute honour to be in that state. That had an effect of slowing my movements, whereby I felt no desire to hurry so I went about at that pace enjoying every moment of it.I was in total peace as well. Subsequent to that and during my process there I was intermittently going in that state.

We all were excited about the introductions of dancing  padukas and Amma bhagavan benedictions.On touching the Srimurthi I felt a jolt of divine energy rushing through my arms and body, vibrating my whole upper body. It was intense, humbling experience. We all waited in anticipation for a chance with the dancing padukas. This whole new experience enthralled me as I experienced and received the powerful divine jolt and my answer. I am in total gratitude for that.

Needless to say one of the major highlights was the darshan of Amma and Bhagavan.When Bhagavan came in the room, it felt to me like a sun had come out after many days of darkness. He looked so compassionate and radiant. There was so much love and radiance in the room emanating from him. The experience was truly divine. Similarly Amma showered her divine radiance, compassion, love and blessings on us.

After that darshan we had a meeting with Anandagiriji back in our meditation hall. I continued having divine experiences, felt light coming out of my heart centre and spreading around the room. I experienced myself being here, there and everywhere.

We all enjoyed and had a good time dancing to the divine music and rhythm, surrending to the divine music sung by dasajis. This experience was quite powerful, captivating, thrilling with divine presance in the room. Also the laughter was contagious as we went into laughing buddha states. We boarded the buses and actually laughed all the way to our campuses.

I had a great time shopping in Chennai and trip back to Melbourne. My heart is and was filled with total gratitude to Amma Bhagavan, dasajis and divine collective for the grace and divine experiences and the opportunity to share it with the world through our oneness blessings(deekshas) in the service of humanity.