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Omoneness Workshops OA/5

My experience of joy and gratitude when I was dancing I could feel all my family members being with me dancing and having fun.

My heart was expanding the size of the room and all I could feel was my gratitude to Amma and Bhagavan. Most of the day I felt very free. No thinking I was one with the music, freedom in my heart and love.

Thank you for this gift. Thank You. Rochelle

I had a very nice experience after participating in the event. I danced and enjoyed myself and I felt a lot of happiness and bliss in me. After dancing for 49 min and taking deeksha, I could feel immense and powerful energies rising through my body and felt great peace and calm and cleansing done in my mind. The teachings given were quite helpful and helped me to understand about enlightenment.

Thank you so much!  Raghavendran

It was good participating in this two day workshop with David. This workshop opened me to the great work done by Oneness worldwide.

The deeksha experience was unique and one i will treasure for a long time to come.


Very interesting, insightful

Good energy, vibe

Dance was fun

Although sometimes I have trouble concentrating, there were moments of deep concentration,particulary liked the lying down awareness exercise, helped with concentration and letting go of resistance.


Great experience lots of emotional release. I feel a lot better my headaches have receeded. This deeksha work is so great. The more i do more i release and get closer to awakening..


My experience was of total bliss. There was no body there at all, very peaceful. I am so grateful for the blessings.



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