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Omoneness Workshops - OA/3

What a day David!. All I can say is thank you. My heart is over flowing with joy and gratitude.

Thank you


When I had the mukthi deeksha today I felt tremendous feeling when I lay down that all my fears were disappearing and that everything would be fine and fall into place in my life.

When I had the other deekshas I saw a lot of light purple colour and the room was filled with light( also this happened with the mukthi deeksha as well). I enjoyed the stories that David told and the meditations.

Sue R


David’s deekshas (5)  were very powerful and created a beautiful sacred space for experiencing the mukthi deeksha later in the day following dancing and chanting. His devotion to the vision of Sri Amma bhagavan is very evident.


Dee H

The workshop was extremely useful for me at this time as I had been unwell not seriously, just run down and tired. So many deeksha blessings given by  David G made me feel  stronger and grounded.

I was much stronger by Sunday. David’s stories helped with explanations along the way. Chanting for 49 mins was amazing and really helped one impeccably focus and let go of the ego.

Many thanks and blessings to you David

In light and Love

Anita C

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