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Omoneness Workshops - OA/2

Wonderful weekend. Thanks very much David .You brought the Oneness University, the Dasas, Sri Amma Bhagavan and India to Melbourne.

Lots of love and blessings! OM

David Martin

I had a lot of “A haa” moments in the teachings, they say when the student  is ready the teacher appears. The energy is total bliss, thank you.

Thank you David

Zina R

David facilitated a very beautiful experience  of Oneness. His gentle and humorous nature together with a wide open heart set a  lovely tone and he competently combined core aspects of the oneness training to provide a fanastic  weekend full of extraordinary blessings and heart touching processes. He managed to capture the core aspects and the heart of Oneness Teachings which I have come to know and adore . Thank You

Brandon G

I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop with David. The energy from the deekshas was very powerful. I found the “Parent” process to be very valuable. I was able to release very deep negative feelings of which I had been totally unaware. Following the Mukthi Deeksha. I was able to release more issues. For me the workshop has been extremely valuable.

Colin M

Found the experience empowering, peaceful, calming. Felt an infusion of energy at the altar, amazing. David spoke candidly and humbly about his personal experiences, made me realize what a fortunate life and childhood I had. Look forward to spreading the love and light in my corner of the world.

Susan B

Well structured workshop, lots of opportunity for release and receiving oneness blessings. Very happy to be initiated as a blessing giver. This gives me deeper understanding of the Oneness University. David Gounder was a wonderful , giving and generous teacher, paitent with explaining and detailing the teachings.

Andrew H

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