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Oneness Wealth Process

Feeling  relaxed and energised

The energy was beautiful and powerful

Teachings were interesting very much related to real life situations

Well, I do have plans(development) next year but had financial limitations

I have been thinking about the possible solutions and ways to go ahead with my plans.

Through the oneness wealth process I got solutions to what I was seeking for! I am feeling

So joyous and blissful and lucky to have been given the opportunity to attend this wonderful

Deeksha wealth program and would definitely apply all this too my life from Tmrw.

Thanks Amma bhagavan and thank God. I can’t express enough  gratitude for this I have received today.


Feeling relaxed and relieved

Felt strong energy while receiving deeksha

Felt that teachings were important and needed to answer real life questions



Feeling was so good, amazing

I was with my God

My mind is free, silent

I felt blessing from Lord Shivaji. J


I felt very well, great experience from deeksha and pain relief.


I feel much better, experienced a lot of deep pain relief, feel relieved and relaxed


I felt very relaxed and fresh, My mind is cleared, I really felt the deekshas, The teachings were realistic and understandable. I have learnt a lot from the course


Felt deeksha in the head, very peaceful. Body feeling light and pain relief from body aches.