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Oneness Wealth process

I really enjoyed the course. It has been an excellent experience and I think all the knowledge which was taught to me in the course is going to be very helpful. David has been a great teacher, I am really looking forward to the next course.

Thank you.


Very beautiful oneness program.  Beautifully presented with lots of grace, joy, laughter and fun. Sharing personal experiences and stories of others experiences.

The grace was so powerful and deepening all day long. I sat with eyes closed most of  the day in a deep state of peace, silence and gratitude. Had two visions today from bhagavan both the same, very auspicious and personal. Lots of Shakti energy and grace followed strongly all day. Deekshas in the morning so deep, silencing and powerful and also the Sri Murthi blessing in the afternoon.

Great day of teachings, contemplations, blessings and growth, and connection to the divine. Great day David. Gratitude to Amma Bhagavan, Thank you David