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Oneness Wealth Process

I had an amazing deepening experience. The contemplation points went so deep, I felt instant shifts and a beautiful deepening connection with my God that made me weep with joy.

Thank You David


David is a wonderful teacher. This is the second time I have attended an event in which he has been instrumental and I absolutely love his kind and innocent heart and admire his beautiful soul. I am grateful to him and everyone else for the priviledge of sharing today.

Thank You.


Great, Good reminders, a lot of resistance,I realized, I am still trying to escape from abundance and love!! Looking forward to the process at home.

David- good to see you so relaxed and joyful!!


I have enjoyed the program lot of release, I now will work on my abundance to manifest in my life


Thanks again for a wonderful workshop. I really needed to be in the space and teaching applied to things I am dealing with right now. Thank you for teaching about the process