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Oneness Wealth Process

Dear David

Thank you for such a powerful process  on Wealth Consciousness. The 11 contemplation points were useful and rang a strong cord. The process strenghened my relationship wih my divine. The program was just as deep and powerful as the Oneness University for me. Thank you so much for running the course It will definitely help me clean any blockages for wealth creation. Kind Regards- Andrew


I was an amazing day!. I could experience the presance and guidance all through the day. The deeksha was very strong and powerful that felt like an experience like I never before experienced. Thank you very much Amma Bhagavan. Thank you very much David. Much Love... Sushma

Fanastic energy and flow of teachings were very powerful. Loved it all and much gratitude. Blessings to David


Thank you so much David for a wonderful day. The energy was magical. Your abilty to explain the process and to also guide us through the day, so smooth and gentle. Much love and blessings -Paula

Deep Silence and Peace experienced throughout the day


David created an amazing space and the energy feels absolutely amazing, truly grateful, Blessings were amazing -Thank you, David- Love from Peter and Laila