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Oneness Awakening Course Experiences

Thank you

I am so grateful for this weekend. As well as encouraging a sense in ease through my consciousness and life, my fear in anticipation fo going to Oneness University has been dispersed.The experiences shared show me this is the right path. I have been reaching for so long as we have all.I am off to spread my blessings and this ease to all around me.


Instruction was very clear and easy to follow with good examples and stories to illustrate each point. The process and meditations over the weekend have had a profound effect on my mind. My mind is much more peaceful and still. I have let go of a lot of anger and other negative emotions. I am now observing my thoughts and letting them go as they go through my mind instead of attaching to them and suffering pain from them. Overall i am much calmer.

Through receiving and now giving blessings I have a closer and stronger connection to the divine.


This weekend was beautiful. I experienced beautiful energy and saw lots of colours. David's gentle teaching and the atmosphere was very enjoyable. Thanks!


Pls I  was new to all your teachings and meditations. I was a little over awed but in the end I received a great deal of insights and blessings. I leave your home after the two day process with a great deal of think about and work with. I am forever changed man and I thank you for that. I hope some how I can do my little bit to make the world a better place.

Kind Regards and thanks


Course is interesting, I particularly liked techniques regarding healing of the relationships .Its great to be active part of the world awakening.

Thank you


I found the experience of today very informative, enlightening and interesting. The idea of 'One" people together sharing the goal of living peacefully  together sharing the goal of living peacefully is very moving and inspiring.  The days session left me closer to my divine master which i came so long ago and i look forward to members of my family sharing that with me as I place  my faith in the holy spirit of God the Father.


Thank you David for a great day. Today i learned many things, mainly about how i can connect to my divine and how i need to develop a relationship with my divine and to grow. I had a lovely relaxing day connecting with myself and the divine. I am excited to be able to give blessings to others and to share the gift of Oneness. I feel a sense of calm and peace and i am very relaxed. I  also enjoyed learning about the chakras and about my thoughts not being my own. This freed me up to be able to let them go and not have them linger. Thanks David, many blessings to you.