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Oneness Awakening Course Experiences

Beautiful course presented with a professionalism and divine presence that touched my being. It flowed so perfectly over the two days with ease like the divine was teaching and David was an instrument of the divine that made the course so profound. I have attended many Oneness courses in this country and this course had a special depth, wisdom and divine grace that flowed so beautiful, unlike other courses beforehand. The divine ran the course from start to finish. I received much grace that did and will help me in my life. Thank you.Gratitude to my divine, Sri Amma Bhagavan for a beautiful two days of grace. Thank you David for a beautiful Oneness program. 


David is a wonderful trainer and blessing giver. The experience was over whelming. The weekend was filled with love, joy and bliss. I can tell by the new the blessing givers in the room. The sense of great joy and love and spiritual understanding was passed in a loving and gentle manner. The divine was with us all during the two day process. The trainer was very attentive to every bodys needs. ‘



I enjoyed the teachings very much. There were quite a few times when I am sure I was experiencing an divine state. For me it was deep work and I found the initiation ceremony to be a profound moment in my life. I am very happy and grateful to be a blessing giver. I am also very grateful to David.