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Oneness Awakening course Experiences

Course was great, loved the connection and forgiveness to parents and children.

Energy was strong throughout the two days, David is genuine and enthusiastic teacher. Feeling lots of love to take home to my family. 


Really enjoyed this course, the connection with parents part helped me to recall something that i avoided to remember. All participants are kind and nice. Thank you for the experience and course 


Overall very rewarding, quite challenging as i expected. Todays sessions excellent.


Felt the grace flowing beautifully throughout the course. Energy increased powerfully during the Meditations and every moment afterwards. Took me in a deep state of grace, peace, silence and felt the heart opening and body getting lighter. Blessings very powerful. Felt  amazing shifts throughout the process and where I was previously bothered or troubled I noticed a new calmness and peace inside. Thank you and deep gratitude and very powerful padukas blessings too also. Thank you


Padukas blessing very strong, bhagavan vision appeared in my heart. Teachings very good. Very amazing and powerful experience from blessings from david. Experienced a shift in consiousness. I also saw orange light, blue and green felt very calm and relaxed. Thanks.


First of all thank you Amma Bhagavan for given me the golden opportunity. And also thank you Davidji for the beautiful teachings and you explained each and every single word/teachings very clearly. Deeksha helped me to invoke the divine. When i gave deeksha it was very powerful and very strong connection to the God. Thank you Davidji for giving me the opportunity to do this process. God Bless:


Thank you very much for providing such a wonderful process. During the process I realised that there is change in my brain, calmness and stillness in my body, relaxation & no fear to live, concentration and guidance to do things properly, increased level of consiousness and energy, ability to stay with the "what is", felt that my divine taking care of my body while giving deeksha, Overall feeling of acceptance and higher vibrations. Thank you Davidji for providing a wonerful training with details. Thank you Amma Bhagavan.


Teachings very good, I could relate and were clear and relevant for me. The process of going back to childhood was confronting but after doing a forgiveness with parents, I felt much better. Both blessings yesterday and today where both very peacefull. I really enjoyed the golden orb meditation and chakra meditation. 49 mins of mukti process went by so quickly. Overall a very enlightening and enjoyable weekend. Thank you.