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Oneness Awakening course experiences

Very beautiful two day process. I felt lots of deep energy that come over the whole time. I kept my eyes closed most of the time  to be deeply within. This happened automatically I could do nothing about it, so I just sat in the grace and stayed deeply within. During the night the divine worked intensely on me and the divine shifted some deep trauma’s and blockages and I was in deep silence within all day on second day. Divine Grace is still working deeply and silently within me. I am so grateful.

Thank you Amma Bhagavan, Thank You David.


Its been a blessing to be enlightened by David over the past two days. With his guidance I have been able to piece together segments of the whole spirituality. David has also made me feel “at home” with myself, with others and the world. Since my realization that we are all ‘one’ since 1985, I have been on a journey that is getting faster and faster in terms of knowledge and experience. With the Oneness Group I look forward to opportunities of giving blessings to enrich others and to mankind and all live things as a whole. I do feel more ‘complete now’ and ‘at home’.


David is a wonderful trainer he explains things very clearly and gives examples to make sure you understand. After my first blessing I was deeply relaxed and felt everything had slowed down. Strangely that evening I felt sick but came along to finish  the course as I wondered if the sickness was a release of blockage. The second day again I had a wonderful sense of peacefulness throughout the day. I am very grateful to David for his teaching and blessings I received. Thank You