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Oneness Awakening  Exp


 Very beautiful process david, Thank you. Divine showed me through an experience a very deep hurt/fear and block inside me, the night before the program that has been there all my life. During the process divine showed me a pattern that was in my life caused by deep fear, trauma and the consequences of it and how it affected all my relationships. Through grace, I felt it fully and prayed for it to be healed. This happened over next several hours and I had a significant shift in my head and body . A deep profound silence and peace, like never before. I am sure this miracle has and will affect my personal relationships and me as a person for grace for the better has done something to my head and showed me what I needed to see. By the ‘seeing ‘ automatically it was being healed in my whole body and being, by experiencing that followed.

Thank you David, love, gratitude and blessing s to the divine and beloved amma bhagavan, thank you.


I attended two day oneness  blessing initiation workshop. My experience was of a very quiet mind, totally still and silent, no disturbance of thoughts or chatter.  I experienced energy transmitting through my hands and fingers when I gave the blessings afterwards. It was wonderful, deep and new experience. A very good workshop and wonderful outcome. Thank  you, Namaste


Excellent guidance from David with clear directions. Atmosphere was relaxing and very calming. If everyone can come together in Dec to help the planet become a better place it would be a great step forward for world peace and uniting the different countries together.

This was similar to my training I received before so it was very beneficial in order to further my assisting others on this earth, Thanks David