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Experiences -3


April/May 08 visit part 2
I arrived in busy Chennai in the taxi, and went to this hotel where my room mate had stayed before however when I reached it , i found out it was booked out. I was bit disappointed but prepared with a list of hotels although i was telling myself, I should have prebooked. Anyway I left my taxi driver in the carpark and got in the alley leading to the main street. As i was walking to the mainstreet in search of a pay phone i saw a picture of amma bhagavan hanging from a stall, so I walked towards it, praying in my heart. Close to the stall there was a guy with a mobile phone, so I asked him if i could use his phone to book a hotel, he was very obliging and gave me his phone, I managed to book one of the hotels in my list.
 My taxi driver came by and picked me up and drove me to the other hotel. It was a very nice hotel and as soon as I walked in, to the reception area, one guy said “amma bhagavan” I was smiling and wondering what’s going on. Then I realized they saw my locket with the picture of amma bhagavan from my neck.
I was very happy to be in that hotel and found out many staff there were devotees of amma bhagavan. I stated to them my intention to go to Nemaa and struck a great deal. Everything worked out beautifully. The driver from the hotel was a devotee of Amma Bhagavan and he drove me to Nemaa where I gave many deekshas to local devotees while he waited. After couple of hours we drove back to Chennai and back to the hotel. I had enough time to change and go to Spencers for shopping, which was to my delight close to the hotel. Amazing co incidents continued at Spencers. I remember walking into music world and as i was browsing they started playing golden city vedic chants that i usually played at home and is played at the GC as well, so that was a nice surprise.
Next day we all (Australian group) met at the designated hotel for pickup to GC. I met my oneness buddy from Brisbane and off we went to GCity for our oneness course.
We had a good trip to Golden city and checked into our allocated dorms. We went to the dining room and met the rest of the gang from around the world. The energy was very strong at Gcity, i remember as i was walking to the dining hall I could strongly feel the presence of the divinity. This time I could strongly feel Lord Krishna on my right side. While having dinner I started having visions of all divine including Buddha and Christ and came out of the dining hall in a cosmic state. I took my time and slowly strolled back to the dorms. I could taste the divine nectar in my mouth continously.
Next day the course commenced and it was magical again. We all went through many different experiences that were meant for us. Everyday there was a surprise and profound teachings. We had yoga, music, hugs, dancing, meditation, treking, teachings, blessings, temple visit, the whole lot. It was amazing.
As usual I was very sensitive to the divine energy and receiving continous deekshas from the presence everywhere. There were many highlights. One of the main ones were getting deekshas and deeksha hugs from the adorable cosmic beings. Being in their presence , that is while i was waiting for my turn actually took me in a very high state. Already in the high state I made my way slowly to them when my turn came and got a blessing and then went back to lie down. Felt like a divine jolt infusing my cells with white light and powerful energy. In summary i felt like a live wire with divine shakti running throughout my chakras and cells, bit like a neon sign switching on!. The divine nectar kept flowing on endlessly in my mouth, a sweetness which i do not words to describe.
Certainly the major highlight was the temple visit, we all sat in the mediation hall on the main floor. The energy as usual was very strong there. I previously heard that people see or have an experience of their own god there. So I had that intention as well, I sat down and I closed my eyes to meditate and called upon the divinity or presance. When I opened my eyes, I saw a flashing image of bhagavan near the chair and when it disappeared, I closed my eyes again, I then heard a voice within me which said, look inside yourself. When I did, I clearly saw Lord Krishna in my heart centre. I have never seen him so clear before, it was a very profound experience something i don’t have words to describe, I then started feeling or experiencing peace penetrating every cell of my brain and then my whole being was filled with peace.
We also enjoyed the special homas and a lecture by Anandagiriji and had a opportunity to share blessings.
We made many new friends from around the world and had an opportunity to share blessings and hugs with them. For those of us who were leaving for Chennai we boarded the coach to the Chennai hotel in teams depending on our travel plan and flight schedule. It was lunch at the hotel, bit of shopping or sightseeing and then back to the airport for the flight back to our countries. I am as usual eternally grateful to oneness participants, oneness guides, amma bhagavan, God and divine collective for this magical, rewarding and amazing trip and the opportunity to share this oneness blessing or deekshas with others.