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Experience -2


April /May 08 visit part 1
When I first heard about the oneness temple consecration events in India I was very interested however did not think I was going just for a few days and hence did not put any more thought in it.
However the divine kept bringing it to my attention and gave me three signs to go. The first sign I basically ignored, next one i put a little bit of thought in it but then disregarded it. The final sign was very strong, it happened on the day when I was returning from the Goldcoast oneness conference, it put in a situation and convinced me to make up my mind straightaway to go, and attend it. The divine gave me intuitive reasons to combine it with the new course which was to take place after the consecration. Given the intensity of the sign I gave in to the will and so that started another chapter in my spiritual journey.
 I decided to go through Thailand this time, thought it would be a great opportunity to see it while I was in my transit.
I had a beautiful flight with Thai airways and landed in Bangkok. As i stepped out of the airport I felt amazing serenity in the air and strangely felt part of it. While travelling in the bus to the city, i felt incredible oneness with it, it is bit difficult to describe but felt like i was flowing through it, or vice versa. It was incredibly connecting and grounding experience as I felt part of everything.
 In the hotel where I was staying I met my tour guide and we visited many beautiful places including three main Buddha temples. We also enjoyed the James bond boat ride through the cannals and feeding the fishes in the river with our hands.
Early next morning I took the flight out and arrived in Chennai and went to my chosen hotel where i met many other oneness participants including my close friend from US and my room mate. We were scheduled to visit the temple next day.
While the temple was being consecrated on the night of the 21st, we were all going through our different processes and altered states of consciousness as well, in Chennai hotels or wherever we were staying.   I remember my room mate going into very high states.
I enjoyed the concert at Golden city, however, was bit disappointed initially with the news about the fact that we were not able to visit the temple because of circumstances beyond our control however that disappointment quickly disappeared for me, as i knew, that is I had a overwhelming feeling i would go.   Just being at the golden city campus was a beautiful blessing as the energy was very expansive with divinity all around and being very sensitive to it made me fully aware of it.
Next day we were pleased to have a rare blessing together with Amma Bhagavan at Nemam which i really enjoyed, and am grateful for. Even before they came in, the energy in the hall and divine deekshas happening there in the air put me in altered states of consciousness. We also had opportunity to attend the functions at the temple and great opportunity to give deekshas if we wished. I was pleased with this blessed opportunity to share the oneness blessings with many including the local seekers.
We had a few days break before our next course and some of us ventured to the Ramana Ashram. This was my first visit to the ashram, I am grateful to Mary Lou deeksha giver from Vancouver for providing me with information to help me make the decision to visit it. Her blog also provided me much needed information as well. I had a wonderful time there. We all had an opportunity to take part in all the temple or ashram activites if we wished. The atmosphere was filled with serenity, beautiful nature, and friendly animals. We ventured off mid morning to the mountains, treking to Ramana Caves. Well treking on slippers may be not be such a good idea, however i was determined to make it there, passing beautiful lush greenery of the forest and many different types of birds and friendly monkeys. We reached the first cave and it was really cool and simple inside. It had a beautiful energy. We spent bit of time meditating there and then walked down to the next cave.
It was a blessing to be there in amongst its beauty and serenity . The energy felt powerful and abundant and I could feel it in my bones. My friend wanted to spend more time there however i had to come back as i needed to visit the town. So I embarked on the journey back myself and it was easier going downhill, still enjoying the energy i walked back humming my favourite note.
As i was half way through i noticed an older man standing under a tree, he smiled at me and asked me for some water. I was more than happy to share my water and also some grapes as well. After sharing I bid him namaste and noticed as i was walking down the hill I could not feel any more pain in my legs from treking to the caves earlier in the morning and felt a surge of energy within me. I am not sure who that nice man was but this experience and healing was much appreciated. Later on in the evening I stood in front of Ramana’s room and felt powerful energy pouring from it, so i stood there for hours enjoying every minute of it during the time when vedic chants were happening in the hall close by. The people of the ashram were very nice and hospitable. I was also very grateful for my visit to the town and to the auyvedic centre.  As per my plan i left a day earlier than other oneness friends who were at the Ramana Ashram to go to Nemaa.