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Thank you for refresher course on Oneness Blessing from Date with Destiny 2007!



Peaceful Feeling

Flow of energy

Oneness Blessing wtih David is my first hands on deeksha. The workshop is great, very comfortable small group. I experienced calmness, peaceful feelings and feeling gratitutde and abundance. Enjoyable!


Expressions of gratitude to you David for a wonderful spiritual day of oneness meditations. Thank You.


With the first deeksha I felt very far away, the music was distant and far away from the room, the following deekshas I was totally at peace with myself, no thoughts a complete peace of body mind and spirit.


I felt a complete sense of relaxation from the very start of the workshop. It is very uncommon for me to be able to sit upright for long periods of time, but it was as if my body was in complete comfort. When David was channelling, deeksha visions of colour while my eyes were closed would blur and i would see purple/indigo haze, my body would feel even more relaxed and my head felt very strange but not in a bad way.

Great Experience!


Felt very calm and relaxed when David touched my head saw different colours to what I saw before. Felt more in touch with myself and was more aware of my body.


 I experienced a feeling of deep deep peace


Wonderful experiences!

I came with no expectations, and leave with a feeling of calm and like. I have encountered something great! Thank you David


Peacefulness, emerald light then indigo light


This was my first experience with meditation and deeksha. It was very peaceful and relaxing.

Thank you


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