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omoneness workshops
Omoneness/Deeksha Divine workshops

Melbourne and Fiji

*following are some testimonials from participants who attended various workshops held by David Gounder

Deeksha experienced as energy transfer and realignment, esp. mental body. After lunch deeksha very powerful. Images of Indian Saints, and room had presence of many beings of light and participating. Receiving symbols of triangles, layered one above others. Susan Fereday

During the deeksha I could feel a transmission of energy each time, which felt pleasant and expansive. During the first deeksha I saw white light to begin with, and then a shower of pink rose petals. It was lovely.Brendan Hughes

Deep sense of peace, lot of insights. More to come as integration of deeksha continues. Vedic shamanism, ancient technology.This one day workshop is a simple and powerful insight into the working of Oneness Movement. May it sweep across and through humankind.Namaste! Ian McIntrye

In the morning the feeling of deekshas were very good. Only on the heart was warm and hot. In the afternoon, very quiet mind, no thoughts in the mind at all times. Deekshas the same, all the time very good. Only the last was very warm and start to spread around the body, nice feeling. Thanks. Valter Poropat

Today as always, I received lots of powerful energies. As I laid down I released lots of emotions.The energy seemed to travel to different parts of the brain and heal what needed to be healed. Lots of areas, and also heat travelled through my body. I felt total peace and bliss.Josette Chator

Deeksha process has got me in touch with my inner Divine and bestowed me with immense peace and calmness. I feel, I am complete now. I am grateful to Amma and Bhagavan for bestowing grace upon me through deeksha.C Sravan

I had a very deep and profound happenings. At one stage I saw a red heart and colours coming and going all around and a ball with a yellow centre with green on outside. I felt deep peace sometimes i was smiling. My colours are blue, purple, green and white pulsating.E Schuman

 During the healing deeksha received from David I experienced a very relaxing, soft energy accompanied by feelings of bliss, vivid internal imagery, and the arising of deep memories. Afterwards there was a lightness in the body, and a feeling of greater openness and peace which has remained with me the following week. Stuart Wall

The Deeksha that David Gounder gave me literally shook my head and neck. It was intense and powerful. I went into absolute and deep peace unlike I had ever experienced before. It was a totally blissful experience. Thanks.Sakuntla

I felt anxious this morning, but after attending the workshop, I started to feel relaxed. I felt calm and focused and felt peace. Felt that I got strength to deal with any issues in life. I also saw an image of Master Mahatma Gandhi around David Gounder and near the altar.Parmesh Shea

 AM Came with pain in left spine. This was gone by the end of the day. PM Have experienced deeksha a few times now- this is the first time I have been able to describe which major and minor chakras in head to be experienced during the process. Louise Arnold

The workshop was interesting for me as this is my first experience. I certainly 'felt' many emotional some 'blissful' some uncomfortable', I understand that through such meditations such 'deep' things will come to surface. This was a very pleasant experience overall. I would like to attend more workshops where I can expand my knowledge and learn about energy and myself. Thank you, Namaste! Bahar Cenbay

As David Gounder placed his hands on my head, I felt a surge of energy rush through my brain and neck. My head became slightly heavy and then straight after the heaviness disappeared. I felt totally rejuvenated. All my tiredness disappeared. I felt uplifted and peaceful at the same time. Nesh Cornish

In the oneness blessing workshop I felt that the energy around me was very bright and powerful. It felt like i was in a heavenly room far away from the world of worries. Meditations and the blessings cleared all thoughts that were running through my mind. My mind and body was centred. I felt totally at peace as I got to know my divine self. The divine energy in the room was very strong and I felt the presance of amma bhagavan. After the day of the workshop I felt lucky and blessed to have had the blessings and the peace continued in my mind and heart.  I also realized I did not have much problems and conscience i used to have before the blessings. I was able to let myself go and deal with the world and flow with the way things were and just be with it. I was also able to accept right or wrong thoughts as before i used to fight against my own thoughts. Many thanks.Radhika

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