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Deeksha Miracles/A


I have had this caffeine addiction for many years, in fact since I was a child. I had been taking 6 cups of coffee a day.I tried to stop many times but was completely helpless, this addiction was controlling me. I was also fully aware of the effect it was having on my health but was powerless to stop. I kept on drinking many cups day after day.
Finally with divine grace David Gounder came into my life, and I attended his workshops and had private sessions with him. He asked us about our issues in our lives that we were going through so he could try and help us. I confided in him regarding my caffeine addiction of many years. He decided to do an addiction healing workshop. After attending the workshop and getting the divine healing, my addiction took a flight. I could not believe it, the problem was gone. After many years of caffeine addiction. it was just gone like that. I have no desire to drink coffee anymore. It has been months after the addiction healing and I have not touched coffee again. This is totally a miracle for me. I feel absolutely great. It was certainly great to get that demon out of my life. I am in full gratitude for Amma Bhagavan for this healing miracle.
I had private deeksha sessions with David Gounder and trust me some of the experiences were sensational. I participated in meditations and then received the energy. Each time David touched my head slightly, a powerful sense of energy rushed through my body. I felt completely relaxed and peaceful in my mind and body. I also realized that I am able to sleep peacefully without any worries, fears or guilts which means I do not have any sleeping problems anymore.. this is definitely the miracle for me through this oneness blessing. Before the session I also told David about my greatest wish and he advised me to hold that wish in my heart when receiving the blessing, which I did and amazingly after 3 weeks my greatest wish came true.  I am truly grateful to God, Amma Bhagavan for this awesome blessing. Thank you so much.





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