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I had a great day, forgotten all my worries. I feel very happy, peaceful and joyful inside. In the morning the negative release ( samaskarshuddi process ) helped me experience emotions and release any guilt associated with it. Oneness teachings were very practical and relevant. I could relate to everything that was being taught. Appreciate the learning and knowledge to handle the challenges of life.
Enjoyed the yoga and various exercises. It was lots of fun. So glad that i came to this workshop. Thanks for a great day.

Generally I felt very lucky and grateful to be given the opportunity itself to be part of the oneness blessing. The workshop was just so beautiful and I really enjoyed the whole day of it. After the workshop I felt joyful, peaceful. The main feeling after the day was i felt a bond of love with everyone and bond with my parents became much stronger. Now i love them even more. Also my concentration and confidence has been significantly boosted.
Very interesting and all about real life and i am sure will help me throughout my life. It answered the questions and puzzles I had about life. Now i know how to resolve my problems in life. I am further more aware about my inner self and able to experience rather than blame.
Yoga and Exercises
It was lots of fun and relaxing.
Thank you

I had very good experiences. My tension and depression was relieved and released. My mind was cleared from all kinds of negative thinking.

I am really very impressed and happy to be given this humble gift of blessings passed on to me and my family through the experienced deeksha from David Gounder. I feel very relieved and relaxed and wishes of getting more deekshas through blessings of Sri Bhagavan, the grace from the divine and gain the selfness and wishes for more to be fulfilled. Thanks you very much .God bless you always.
Prabha TR
I am feeling very good and happy and blessed to be here with my family. It was great day with beautiful experiences , blessings and learning. The teachings were good, relevant and very reality based. I am amazed, Thanks very much.

 This is the first time i received deeksha I could feel the deeksha energy throughout my body, especially in my spinal cord like a divine current.
I am deeply relaxed yet fully aware. I could see images of all Gods and feel joy inside.
Thank you.

I had very good experiences and release from all my tensions

The very short time i spent here in this workshop i felt very peaceful.

It was my first time participating in a oneness blessing and I will definitely be back. I found it very beneficial to deal with things I had not yet dealt with. Thank you very much

Great emotional release, transforming and rejuvenating.

I had a great day of relaxation and healing. Thanks


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