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Omoneness Workshops OA/6

I made this long trip to the oneness awakening workshop and am so glad i attended

I feel i am free of anger, cant stop giggling and laughing, a lot of internal joy

Also the teachings were very relevant to my life, very realistic indeed, great stories, parables  to support the teachings.  I have gained so much knowledge in this two day workshop.

Very happy to become a blessing giver and share this gift in my side of the country.

Thank you


I made a long trip to attend this program and was unsure and not in a very good state that is was very not feeling well,  depressed and  sick and tired of everything

After attending the  two day workshop i felt great relaxation, strength, healing, joy, rejuvenation and positive.

I came out a new person and glowing, noticed by all, I am so glad to have attended this awakening program with david and  also be initiated as a blessing giver. Looking fwd to sharing this gift with all.



I felt the teaching was very relevant to my life situation. The meditations and processes were very nice as well. I feel relaxed, experienced healing and feel great overall. Thanks it was amazing.


I feel relaxed, experienced healing, feel happy inside and contend. Thank you, the long journey of 5 hrs to attend the program was well worth it. Also very important and realistic life based teaching which i could relate to.


Enjoyed workshop including meditations and feel happy and joyful


As always a great refresher. This time it has gone quiet and the effect is hard to know immediately. But i think lot of important heart chakra stuff happened, and a big shift towards the divine mother, which i have not been able to achieve before.

Thank you David

Love nick

It really felt so good to attend the onenesss workshop and become a deeksha giver.

First of all the while doing medition it brought me peace in me....i felt relaxed....and had no tension...i really enjoyed what I felt.........

I have learnt all a lot from the oneness teaching....it shed light, clarified and answered many of the unanswered questions in my life. It was extremely relevant to our common human issues.

after this program I feel calm and happy....i really feel great...


First of all, i feel so lucky to have been given the opportunity to attend the oneness workshop and be  initiated as a deeksa giver.

The aftermath of the workshop was beyond blissful.

The profound teachings answered all the puzzling questions, decisions that i came across life. The meditations, processes and  blessings  brought me a lot of peace and happiness. I am more, cheerful, calm, relaxed now and experienced a great  boost to my concentration levels.I am in awareness of any  or very few thoughts running through my head

There is stillness, acceptance within me with has transformed my outer world. I feel beautiful inside and out. I am attracting a lot of postive energy and feel my  aura is radiating,  People are commenting on my  radiance and are attracting to my energy.

This two day workshop has changed my life for better.



I feel my body has become much lighter and am experiencing joy from within. Feel joyful and nice.