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Omoneness Melbourne and Fiji experiences con't....

Pain in leg relieved, do not have any pain now. Feel relaxed and peaceful and joyful.
Felt the divine sensation when david placed his hands on me. I am feeling very good all around and relaxed.
Feel very peaceful. Completely enjoyed the process and blessings including the music which was great.
Felt very good, very happy now.
Experienced with divine grace healing of my headache. Feel very peaceful and enjoyed the process, realistic teaching very much.
When i received the deekshas from David I experienced the powerful deekshas and saw myself being filled with golden light. My whole body felt the divine energy. I felt deep connection with Amma bhagavan and all Gods. Saw images of Goddess, durga, lakshmi, Vishnu and saw lord hanumanji flying. Sri Bhagavan talked to me internally, gave me many insights and information. I feel completely grateful, peaceful and joyful. Participated and enjoyed the whole process very much. Thank You David.
Subhama Moon
Feel very good, Felt the powerful deekshas and energy of the divine mother. Feel very peaceful now.
Nice feeling and relaxed
Great and very relevant, realistic based teaching. Neck pain completely gone, feel complete relaxation.
Nice feel, hapi all over
I feel very much better than before.Thanks


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