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omoneness workshops
I managed to find time to attend half day of omoneness workshop .  I felt very relaxed, all tension and burdens disappeared. My mind became clear and i connected to my God,and felt deep connection to Christ consciousness and very peaceful.
It was my first experience with oneness blessings, I found David’s presentation great and his oneness teachings were so relevant and reality based. I was amazed. I am so glad and grateful that i had the opportunity to experience the workshop. 
I had opportunity to participate for half day in David’s omoneness workshop for the first time, I felt peace and deeper connection with Christ consciousness.The teachings were very relevant to life. I felt connection and love with everyone in the room.
Br James S
A beautifully guided process by David that acknowledges gratitude and the power within to heal ourselves. We all have the answers within if we only take the time, like through oneness, to bring that to our awareness/consciousness.
A heartfelt thank you David 
My connection to Mary and Jesus become deeper. I could feel them. Samaskarshuddi release process was excellent. I appreciated the teachings that David gave, which were very relevant to life. I was able to release and forgive. Very happy with the process, it had a immediate healing effect in my relationship with my friend. Thank You.
This morning i received great healing, released a lot of emotions felt great. This afternoon at the beginning for a while i was in a state of total peace then the energy started to move and I began to release even more. I feel so blessed and free

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