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Omoneness Workshops



First I want to thank Amma Bhagavan for giving me this opportunity

The teachings were great and good for everyone to follow.

I could feel the energy transferred into me when I got the deeksha from Sri David. I am very happy to be a vehicle to transfer Amma Bhagavan's energy.

Thank you again David


After the conclusion of this course with David I felt a sense of calm. The mind was quiet, the thoughts were there but the 'charge' of thoughts was not there.

Feel a sense of happiness within.  A really good experience.

Thank You David


I was in two minds whether i should come to the workshop, had bit of doubt within me, with what’s happening around Oneness currently.

After thinking about it for a while I finally decided to come. During the meditation I had a very clear vision of amma bhagavan, they were in the forest. It was very real to me. After that David gave us a deeksha and it was intensely powerful . Clearly Amma Bhagavan showed me i made a correct decision to  take part in the oneness workshop offered by David today. Thank you for the experience Amma Bhagavan.


 I had a very powerful transmission of deeksha by David and from the Padukas today. Thank You Amma Bhagavan.


 It was a good change of pace from a normal busy weekend, the meditation and sadhana's we did was extremely calming, and left the mind feeling peaceful. I felt an energy jolt after the initiation and mukthi deeksha. It was very interesting experience. Also the chakra dyana felt powerful. All in all a very positive experience, thanks.


 It was  a delightful experience indeed, a sense of peace and harmony filled within myself. The dhyana's and shavasanas were relaxing and I felt i was able to invoke the divine and concentrate.

I am thankful to Amma Bhagavan for giving me this opportunity, as without them I would not be here.

Thank You.


Feel calm, Peace

When specially kundalini chakra dyana and before kundalini chakra dyana meditation

thank you





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