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Omoneness Workshops OA/10

Two days blessing giver course by Davidji was really amazing. I really liked it. I am a Kali mata bhakt and during the deeksha process I also felt Shiva coming in and giving blessings to me.

I experienced deekshas as powerful energy heavy on my head travelling down my body. I love to learn more on  this oneness blessing.

Thank you


Good deeksha programme.

As a medically challenged person, second day I was feeling much better, I woke up really early, generally I don’t, ready for the second day of process. After the process I was feeling better and lighter, alert and appear to be shining.

I know with God, amma bhagavans blessing I will be in good health soon, Thank you


Experienced healing in my legs, all pain disappeared, beautiful programme. Really enjoyed the teachings which was so realistic. Could relate to it all.  My mind is calm, silent, feel joy inside, fresh. Deeksha experienced beautifully. Thank you

Raj K

Teachings were amazing, after finishing day one when I went home, met some people excitedly told them all about it, whatever I learn, teachings so amazing and realistic.

Energy powerfully experienced, Lord Shiva came in front of me, very honoured. Body light,mind silent, in deep gratitude and awe. I benefited so much from this programme and becoming a blessing giver. Many thanks.

Sant K

Feel centered, light, mind very calm, clear, no pain in body. Amazed! Thanks


Body light, experienced deeksha, healing experienced. Thank You