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Omoneness workshops OA/9

Got peace, feel happy, teachings were realistic and great will apply in real life, Thankful to get such opportunity to be part of oneness, will carry along and help others


Had cough and cold last few days which got completely healed after the two day program, so no more annoying cough. Thank  God. Body lighter and feel happier  then before


Feel relaxed, protected, feel now there is protection around me always


Feel joyful, body light, saw lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi in my vision. Received lot of divine messages and guidance. Felt the deeksha  powerfully throughout  my body. Glad to be part of oneness. Healing happened as well in my body.


I felt relaxation, renewed, body became lighter, tensions disappeared. My swollen leg and pains in it got completely healed.  Feel very happy inside.


Felt happy and peaceful, teachings and examples realistic to life. Very relaxed now.


Feel very happy inside, good and full of grace


My mind is very clear, body lightness and feel very nice. Enjoyed.


Body feeling lighter,  joy feeling, healthy and tensions disappeared, feel great.


Sickness gone, body lighter,  felt a great light in front of my mind. Very grateful to receive the oneness blessing and become part of oneness.


Body feel lighter, tensions disappeared, my sore finger got completely healed during the program.