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Omoneness workshops OA/8

David is a wonderful teacher very paitent, and he has a beautiful energy.

Personally i found the information on charges and how they connect to both the physical and emotional wellbeing very educational.

The course for me will be life changing

The deeksha energy, and the divine energy from Sri Amma Bhagavan was very powerful. I felt the padukas moving as well in my hands and received a very strong message from Bhagavan welcoming me to the oneness family.

I felt totally at home and completely connected to the oneness trainer, David Gounder and the oneness universal energy.

Thank you so much for guiding me today. I feel very blessed to have done the course, with David as my teacher.

With love and blessings.



Amma Bhagavan Sharanam!

The oneness awakening workshop conducted by Davidji has indeed been ‘rewarding’. Personally, it was my new years resolution to be able to participate in this workshop so that Bhagavan could make me a channel to transfer the ‘deeksha’ energy to as many as possible.

Amma Bhagavan open doors and give us unbelievable experiences if we just let them guide us through this journey called life

I am very grateful to Davidji for making it possible for me to be initiated and go through the process. His energies were very loving and focused. It has been a wonderful two days well spent.


I liked the Amma Bhagavan workshop

Very nice prayer room and pictures

Davids teaching was great

I felt divine energies as i lay down working on my body and felt a release of blocks and healing.


Feeling of connectedness, healing from childhood and past, recalling memories, strong flow of energy throughout my body.


David has got a wealth of information in regards to life, all aspects. I felt that now have learnt how to overcome my charges. I have connected to the divine and my inner divine. I feel that I have got the power and grace to release the chatter in my mind. I feel one with Universe