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Oneness Awakening  Workshop Experiences

A most sacred and special opening to a greater awareness, higher knowledge and connection on the path and connection to the divine.

David is a beacon of light and is a gift to the planet and anyone who has the priviledge in connecting with him. 

Eternal Thanks


Dear David very grateful for you sharing your divine gift. A truly beautiful experience and flow of energy that elevates consciousness and life. And to live from a heartfelt place to contribute to others in a beautiful way. The blessings were a delicious experience to truly connect within and to the divine. Thank You


The  weekend was a very unique and special experience where I felt a serenity after the first day that I have not felt before. It was a stillness filled with calmness & joy.

I also found my divine that I had not frequently recognised nor connected to in the past. I am not sure if I knew it even existed. I love that I am now friends with my divine and can connect to it and I look forward to bonding with it and building a beautiful relationship with it.

The theory covered in the morning of the first day and afternoon of the second day was extremely important to me and relevant to events in my life at the moment. I am very much looking forward to sharing the processes and learnings  from this weekend in both my personal and professional life.

Thank you David!. My life has changed  forever!!


Very beautiful two days of Oneness Awakening process  of deep silence, stillness and a very deepening bonding with my divine. My heart was also opening and flowering over the two days and my chest was expanding with love as the energy in my heart expanded.

The stillness and silence in the room was deeply profound, that by just being present, one was receiving very powerful Oneness blessings and the grace of the divine similar to Oneness Temple. I was actually inwards most of the time. I had my eyes closed a lot and in deep contemplation. I was simply experiencing the experience.

My connection and Bond with my Divine was more initimate, close and growing more deeply and with gratitude for all the divine has done for me.

Thank you and David, the Oneness trainer conducted a amazing course that come from the divine within.