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Omoneness Workshops OA/12

Gratitude to David for a most extraordinary Oneness Awakening program, so very powerful was the energy. The teachings and stories were extraordinary and David expressed with lots of passion, enthusiasm, humorous, and so very deep and profound. It touched us all. A true master in delivering the Oneness teachings and Oneness experience for everyone. David is a powerful vessel for the divine to work through both with the teachings and the Oneness Blessings. David was in a deep state of Grace and the Divine worked through David beautifully for the two days of Oneness.

 The Grace that was in the room was so intense that it was like cutting through a slab of butter with a knife. The Grace was simply just as powerful as being in the Oneness Temple. Amma Bhagavan’s Grace filled the entire room for two whole days, automatically without any effort. Last night, I was very tired for 2-3 hours after I arrived home; the Grace was still working intensely through me. Then I was very alert.

On Day One – Contemplation points: I experienced “consciousness”, Me as consciousness, My Mother as consciousness, My Father too as consciousness, not as a body or as a person.

I was simply just in the Deep State of Silence, of Bliss, Peace and a profound Inner Joy.

In the room while laying in shavasana, my body was consciousness. I could not feel my body, everyone in the room were me and I was everyone and everything.

With my eyes closed I saw the huge Golden Ball of Grace above me and showering me totally into the Golden Light. Like me immersing myself into the sun. I opened my eyes to see if the sun was on my face, but it was not. I closed them again and the same thing happened. I was immersing and being showered by the Golden Light of Divine Grace. This happened also when I took a Deeksha from the Padukas. Then with head lowered with eyes closed I saw Bright Purple light all around me and surrounding me.

All the Oneness Blessings were so very powerful. The first one I received sent me deeper into a very deep stillness, peace and total Bliss and Joy. I was in total Bliss all weekend for the whole two days and being In the Presence fully and in the present moment.

I was receiving another Deeksha from David, when I experienced my Heart Bursting Open and exploding in my chest. Like a huge volcano, erupting sideways from inside my heart and chest straight out in front of me and splitting my chest wide open. Like a Rose Bud in springtime fully opening and Flowering into Full Bloom. The Heart was in Full Bloom, and Flowering with Grace.

 Very Beautiful and extraordinary two days of Oneness and Blessings, and the Inner transformation and depth of the Bliss is beyond words. It can only be the Divine Presence of Grace that one can have such experiences and such Bliss and Joy.

Thank you David,

Deep Gratitude Love and Devotion to the Divine, Sri Amma Bhagavan